Monday, October 13, 2008

Dissecting the ballot...

Ya, okay, so I haven't written anything in forever, but I am compelled to do so now despite my radical drop off in readership.

So as an absentee voter, I have already received and read over my ballot and YES, the most prominent and important factor is the presidential vote, but if you are bothering to read my blog, you already likely know who you are voting for, so let's look at the propositions. Almost all of these are either a) huge money losses for the state or b) human rights violations (in my humble opinion)...with the exception of the random "Free The Farm Animals" act.

First off, Props 4 and 8 are the human rights ones...4 requiring parental notification for abortions and 8 banning gay marriage. My issues with these are that neither of these "issues" negatively impact society in ANY way. Gay marriage hurts no one, in no way "cheapens" hetero-marriage, and really is no ones fucking business but the couple who love each other. I would guess that gay married couples will, in fact, set a better example for the institution of marriage than the countless hetero couple who divorce every year. As for #4, abortion is legal. If someone wants to have one, they have a right to privacy. I can understand why a parent would want to know if their daughter had an abortion, but ultimately, this is unimportant to society as a whole and the pro-lifers are just trying to chip away at abortion any way they can.

But, since they are more ambiguous in nature, let's look at the bond measures. Regardless of your political, social, and religious beliefs, these should ALL be voted down. Why would I say that? Why wouldn't I support a children's hospital and transportation improvements? Well, folks, remember when Arnold asked the failed Federal Government to loan him 75 billion dollars just a few weeks ago. That's cause our state is BROKE. Worse than broke, IN DEBT. If we are in debt...WHY are we trying to increase that debt? WHY are we building a children's hospital when no one has health care and our current hospitals are a disaster? Why are we giving LAUSD money when millions of our taxpayer dollars are funding useless administration in fancy offices? "But wait," you say, "these are doesn't cost us money!" OF COURSE it does. Not right now, but down the road, the State of CA has to REPAY these bonds. And we're IN DEBT. So how the hell are we going to do that?! Yes, I am a liberal democrat, but I am strongly urging you all to vote NO on these propositions. A number of them will raise state debt by over a billion dollars. This is unacceptable, and until Sacramento can manage their current "budget," I will continue to vote NO on all bond measures.

Feel free to vote yes for the farm animals though. :-)