Friday, May 8, 2009

Manny Being Himself...

So I hate Manny. I'm a Red Sox fan and while we may not have won 2 world series without him (though as I recall, he didn't hit that well in either one), he was incredibly unprofessional there. And yet, yesterday, I was shocked...even refused to believe this could happen. But now I'm kinda angry and fed up. Fuck Manny and his attitude. I don't believe this bullshit doctor excuse and I sincerely hope the Dodgers play brilliantly for the next 49 games without him

I liked Buster Olney's article here:

and Jayson Stark's:

Everyone who loves the game of baseball should now hate Manny.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Questions...

So the dude who decapitated his wife. I have some questions:

1) How did you decapitate her at a TV station? Were there swords around? Or a hacksaw? Just, you know, logistically speaking, how do you do this?

2) Why did you decapitate her? I mean, certainly she must have done something REALLY horrible to deserve this, but you DO REALIZE you are in the United States and they don't really go in for that here. I mean, you are going to jail and possibly getting killed for this (does NY still have the death penalty?). So, was it worth it?

3) I think the idea of a TV station that helps bridge (Bridge TV!) the gap between American perceptions of Muslims and their actual behavior and beliefs is an awesome idea. So why, after all your hard work to build this bastion of understanding and peace, did you attempt to DESTROY ANY SEMBLANCE OF RESPECT FOR YOUR CULTURE BY DECAPITATING YOUR WIFE?!

I also have some questions about the CA state government's INABILITY to pass a budget after months and months and sessions and sessions:


2) This one is for the Republicans, who ousted their leader today because he approved the idea of tax hikes. So, guys (are there lady republicans too?), I know the party line is that "raising taxes is bad," but CA IS IN HEINOUS, IRREPARABLE DEBT and PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR JOBS and SCHOOLS CAN'T AFFORD TO EDUCATE, so, and I'm just throwing it out there, maybe you might want to think about compromising your overall ideas to save peoples lives. Wait, that wasn't a question...let me try again: WHY DO YOU FUCKING SUCK?

3) To anyone in CA who can do anything: Is there ANY WAY to just fire all these guys and appoint some sort of CA supreme ruler who might actually have an interest in HELPING THE PEOPLE OF THIS STATE?

And to Alex Rodriguez:

1) I'm not going to ask you a question, Alex, because you are a liar and you would just lie to me. I don't care that you used steriods, but I dislike you because you are a liar. And you have a crappy personality. And remember when you taught Manny how to be an asshole too?

"Listen here, Manny. You just screw over people who pay you lots of money. That's how it works. Take it from A-Rod."

Stupid A-Rod.


I have an idea to run by you. On the heels of yet another "money manager" losing billions of dollars and also inspired by all the bogus "going out of business" sales around town, I have a new system of LAW to suggest...and I call it: LIQUIDATION. So we'll use Bernie Madoff as the example, although this Stanford dude or anyone at the SEC who had any indication about these and did nothing would work as well. Madoff is guilty...there is no question about it. No one is professing innocence. All the details and files need to be gone through, but the man is guilty, no denying. He and his lovely wife are also hiding assets as much as possible. And yes, there are federal trustees "liquidating" his FIRM, but no one is liquidating Madoff, who still lives in his swanky penthouse and mails expensive art and jewelry to his wife, kids, dog, carribean accountant...and that's not cool. The MAN, Bernard Madoff, needs to be liquidated. EVERYTHING this man has EVER purchased should be frozen and LIQUIDATED. Sell everything: every fancy suit, piece of furniture, picture frame holding photos of his family all in white standing on the beach, sell his damned wife's soiled underpants on ebay, raid every foreign account...EVERYTHING. And you STILL won't cover all the money he stole, but pay back the people he robbed. And then, when Bernie has a tshirt and a pair of boxers left, why not dump him on SKID ROW. Complete liquidation. We save trial costs. We employ people to sell things. We're saving the economy!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some good movies to see...

I watched Frozen River this weekend and it made me feel good. Oh, it's a bit dark and depressing, but it's pretty much an ideal indie film. That and The Visitor were MY feel good movies of last year, because they prove that people still DO make the kind of films that drew me to this industry. Both movies are anchored by extremely strong performances from "oh I know them" character actors, Melissa Leo and Richard Jenkins, who both scored Oscar noms (and I'd love Leo to win). Both scripts are character driven stories dealing with topical themes (immigration and humane treatment) that are emotional without beating you over the head (like, say, Crash). I've said many times that I hope all the financial issues and contract negotiations end up inspiring a revival of REAL indie films. The pre-Weinstein films that left me with that tingly feeling in my stomach and the desire to be a part of a movie LIKE THAT: absent of Hollywood pretention, relying on silence, nature, and great storytelling to transport you for an couple hours. Not that I didn't enjoy Dark Knight or Wall-E, Milk, Frost Nixon...all great films, but there's something about the independents that keeps me hopeful and excited. So check out Frozen River and The Visitor and keep your eyes open for small market movies you can donate $10 to.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A BETTER Stimulus Idea...

Before I get to the actual blog topic, let me share: Nadya Suleman's PR team announced that she's been receiving death threats. Wait...she has a PR TEAM?! WHO'S PAYING FOR THAT?!

So, stimulus. Here's a few ideas...I haven't fully weighed out the practicality of them, but I think they're interesting.

1) What about offering tax incentives to companies who employ 100% Americans? Good for our job market and our sanity (Indian call centers no more!).

2) Instead of stimulus CHECKS which can go right into the bank or to buy drugs or get paypaled to that heinous bitch, Nadya Suleman...why not stimulus GIFT CARDS? The cards could be valid at a variety of AMERICAN stores, stimulating consumer spending at companies that employ Americans.

3) Rent out Giants Stadium and sell overpriced (think Streisand concert prices) tickets to the execution of Bernie Madoff. Full house, guaranteed.

4) Tax churches/synagogues/mosques...any "religious" (quotes to include cults that may have somehow been designated as such) organization. Let them right off charity work the same way citizens and businesses do, but TAX them.

5) Legalize marijuana and prostitution and tax them. Morals morals morals...shut up. When your kids can't afford to go to college, guess what will be left for them to do...pot and let's get some money in the economy and fund education.

Anyone got more before I send these to Obama's email address?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fast and Gross...

I don't eat fast food very often, but I had a little craving for an unhealthy breakfast, so I hit the nearest joint (I don't want to risk a lawsuit by telling you it was McDonalds, so I won't) and ordered my egg mcmuffin...shit, that gives it away. Oh well. SO, I saw the following things:

First, a little old man making small talk with the manager, asking about a former employee, etc. He was also wearing shorts and it's 35 degrees. He then orders a cup of hot water and walks over the soda fountain, where, with a quick glance back at the manager, he dumps the water and has some Dr. Pepper instead. Thanks for stealing, little old man.

Then, I'm watching watching the woman prepare sandwiches. Now, when I grew up in NY state, I think you had to wear gloves...a little research brought THIS up. Clear guidelines for not touching food right before it goes in my mouth. In CA, we have stupidly vague "requirements"...HERE. How do you tell someone, "As a general rule, bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food should be avoided to the extent possible by all employees?" Thanks, CA. So apparently, the woman working the sandwich assembly today found the extent of possibility greatly eclipsed and put her dirty paws all over the food. At one point, she clearly dropped an "egg patty" on the steel counter, picked it up, and shoved it back in the sandwich. Fine fine, gloves can be contaminated too...but it was CLEARLY possible for the woman to use the provided tongs to assemble the sandwiches. Maybe they couldn't afford the gloves because some old guy is stealing their soda. In any case, I just hope she isn't as lazy in the bathroom. No that the meat isn't feces-laden, but at least that's been cooked.

Happy eating!!!

A Classy Retraction...

As some of you know, I was unimpressed, after first viewing, with the critically acclaimed French film, The Class. However, in doing some reading, I've decided to explain my initial response and look at other reactions to the film. I was excited by the idea of The Class. I've worked in high school classrooms in Los Angeles for years and while I frequently cite Sam Jackson's 187 as my favorite "teacher" film, after the first 30 minutes, Jackson's dark turn isn't really 100% realistic . So, The Class stars a real teacher and real students, which is cool, and the first hour really does feel like a realistic classroom. The teacher struggles...he doesn't completely inspire the students and turn them into Rhodes Scholars overnight, and this is refreshing. I saw the movie with a friend who teaches in LAUSD, and we both felt like we spent 2 hours of our weekend at work. Which is not entirely enjoyable for us...but IS successful for the film. So I regret telling people I didn't like it. I think the representation of education is, very probably, the most accurate on film...even beyond documentaries, during which the classroom setting is not accurately represented because students behave differently when there's a camera on them. My other, and still major, problem with The Class, is a grossly implausible (sad after such a strong beginning) situation that sets up the "climax" of the film. I don't want to "spoil" anything, but it involves students being deliberately exposed to information they would never have access to in any real school...and it disappointed me. All of this said, I am very interested to hear the opinions of non-teachers and non-professional-critics. So share with me si'l vous plait.