Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Questions...

So the dude who decapitated his wife. I have some questions:

1) How did you decapitate her at a TV station? Were there swords around? Or a hacksaw? Just, you know, logistically speaking, how do you do this?

2) Why did you decapitate her? I mean, certainly she must have done something REALLY horrible to deserve this, but you DO REALIZE you are in the United States and they don't really go in for that here. I mean, you are going to jail and possibly getting killed for this (does NY still have the death penalty?). So, was it worth it?

3) I think the idea of a TV station that helps bridge (Bridge TV!) the gap between American perceptions of Muslims and their actual behavior and beliefs is an awesome idea. So why, after all your hard work to build this bastion of understanding and peace, did you attempt to DESTROY ANY SEMBLANCE OF RESPECT FOR YOUR CULTURE BY DECAPITATING YOUR WIFE?!

I also have some questions about the CA state government's INABILITY to pass a budget after months and months and sessions and sessions:


2) This one is for the Republicans, who ousted their leader today because he approved the idea of tax hikes. So, guys (are there lady republicans too?), I know the party line is that "raising taxes is bad," but CA IS IN HEINOUS, IRREPARABLE DEBT and PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR JOBS and SCHOOLS CAN'T AFFORD TO EDUCATE, so, and I'm just throwing it out there, maybe you might want to think about compromising your overall ideas to save peoples lives. Wait, that wasn't a question...let me try again: WHY DO YOU FUCKING SUCK?

3) To anyone in CA who can do anything: Is there ANY WAY to just fire all these guys and appoint some sort of CA supreme ruler who might actually have an interest in HELPING THE PEOPLE OF THIS STATE?

And to Alex Rodriguez:

1) I'm not going to ask you a question, Alex, because you are a liar and you would just lie to me. I don't care that you used steriods, but I dislike you because you are a liar. And you have a crappy personality. And remember when you taught Manny how to be an asshole too?

"Listen here, Manny. You just screw over people who pay you lots of money. That's how it works. Take it from A-Rod."

Stupid A-Rod.

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