Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some good movies to see...

I watched Frozen River this weekend and it made me feel good. Oh, it's a bit dark and depressing, but it's pretty much an ideal indie film. That and The Visitor were MY feel good movies of last year, because they prove that people still DO make the kind of films that drew me to this industry. Both movies are anchored by extremely strong performances from "oh I know them" character actors, Melissa Leo and Richard Jenkins, who both scored Oscar noms (and I'd love Leo to win). Both scripts are character driven stories dealing with topical themes (immigration and humane treatment) that are emotional without beating you over the head (like, say, Crash). I've said many times that I hope all the financial issues and contract negotiations end up inspiring a revival of REAL indie films. The pre-Weinstein films that left me with that tingly feeling in my stomach and the desire to be a part of a movie LIKE THAT: absent of Hollywood pretention, relying on silence, nature, and great storytelling to transport you for an couple hours. Not that I didn't enjoy Dark Knight or Wall-E, Milk, Frost Nixon...all great films, but there's something about the independents that keeps me hopeful and excited. So check out Frozen River and The Visitor and keep your eyes open for small market movies you can donate $10 to.

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