Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have an idea to run by you. On the heels of yet another "money manager" losing billions of dollars and also inspired by all the bogus "going out of business" sales around town, I have a new system of LAW to suggest...and I call it: LIQUIDATION. So we'll use Bernie Madoff as the example, although this Stanford dude or anyone at the SEC who had any indication about these and did nothing would work as well. Madoff is guilty...there is no question about it. No one is professing innocence. All the details and files need to be gone through, but the man is guilty, no denying. He and his lovely wife are also hiding assets as much as possible. And yes, there are federal trustees "liquidating" his FIRM, but no one is liquidating Madoff, who still lives in his swanky penthouse and mails expensive art and jewelry to his wife, kids, dog, carribean accountant...and that's not cool. The MAN, Bernard Madoff, needs to be liquidated. EVERYTHING this man has EVER purchased should be frozen and LIQUIDATED. Sell everything: every fancy suit, piece of furniture, picture frame holding photos of his family all in white standing on the beach, sell his damned wife's soiled underpants on ebay, raid every foreign account...EVERYTHING. And you STILL won't cover all the money he stole, but pay back the people he robbed. And then, when Bernie has a tshirt and a pair of boxers left, why not dump him on SKID ROW. Complete liquidation. We save trial costs. We employ people to sell things. We're saving the economy!!!

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