Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fast and Gross...

I don't eat fast food very often, but I had a little craving for an unhealthy breakfast, so I hit the nearest joint (I don't want to risk a lawsuit by telling you it was McDonalds, so I won't) and ordered my egg mcmuffin...shit, that gives it away. Oh well. SO, I saw the following things:

First, a little old man making small talk with the manager, asking about a former employee, etc. He was also wearing shorts and it's 35 degrees. He then orders a cup of hot water and walks over the soda fountain, where, with a quick glance back at the manager, he dumps the water and has some Dr. Pepper instead. Thanks for stealing, little old man.

Then, I'm watching watching the woman prepare sandwiches. Now, when I grew up in NY state, I think you had to wear gloves...a little research brought THIS up. Clear guidelines for not touching food right before it goes in my mouth. In CA, we have stupidly vague "requirements"...HERE. How do you tell someone, "As a general rule, bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food should be avoided to the extent possible by all employees?" Thanks, CA. So apparently, the woman working the sandwich assembly today found the extent of possibility greatly eclipsed and put her dirty paws all over the food. At one point, she clearly dropped an "egg patty" on the steel counter, picked it up, and shoved it back in the sandwich. Fine fine, gloves can be contaminated too...but it was CLEARLY possible for the woman to use the provided tongs to assemble the sandwiches. Maybe they couldn't afford the gloves because some old guy is stealing their soda. In any case, I just hope she isn't as lazy in the bathroom. No that the meat isn't feces-laden, but at least that's been cooked.

Happy eating!!!

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EllaLow said...

Oh please. There's a reason McDonald's is so cheap. If you want your food prepared well, you have to go to a nicer place. Also, she is required by law to wash her hands constantly, so they're probably perfectly clean, and all this paranoia about the gloves is just that; paranoia.

Furthermore, maybe the nice old man is really down on his luck and comes in to that McDonald's every day and the people who work there know him (which would explain him chatting with the worker) and kindly look the other way while he gets something to drink, and write it off as such an infinitesimal cost that it really doesn't matter.