Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Nice Reminder...

Though it's not Friday, so no Storycorps on NPR this morning, I still got a little misty-eyed while listening. There was a very sweet story about a family that buys xmas themed children's books every year and pulls out the box of them every Thanksgiving, reading a few every night to their kids before packing the box away til next year after the holiday. It was a reminder both that not EVERY American is obsessed with the commercialism beaten down our throats during the holiday season, and in a more general sense, how important reading to children is. I'm not going to quote studies or offer hard facts other than to say this story reminded me of my parents reading to me as a kid. We read childrens books when I was younger, but as I got a bit older, we read some young adult books, alternating chapters...I distinctly remember Susan Cooper's Dark Is Rising series...I think both Dad and I liked those. I actually reread them recently (in honor of the crappy movie being released...boooooo), and thought about how I hope parents still do read with their kids the way my dad did. I fear that parents, along with children, have become impatient, too busy to take 30 minutes for a bedtime ritual not including television. To be honest, the thought of reading kids books over and over to a child almost makes ME cringe, but I think it's too important to neglect. And once I actually HAVE a child, hopefully it won't seem like a chore at all. In the meantime, THANKS DAD! I still read every night before bed.

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