Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Morning glories...

I watch about 10 minutes of GMA in the morning while I dress (yes, ladies, TEN MINUTES AT MOST to look THIS good!), and this morning caught this commercial:


I don't find it offensive really, except that it insults my intelligence. Am I supposed to melt into a puddle of tears because he bought his deaf girlfriend a fancy bracelet? Seriously, they are saying, "wook at da nice bwacelet for da poor widdle deaf wadie." It's disgusting. And exploitative. So actually, I DO find it offensive. You know what, my deaf girlfriend is NOT getting jewelry from Kay's this year. Screw you, Kay's!

Then, the suity dude who does GMA's news shared this video which I had watched on the interweb the other day:


Sharks do not attack divers. This shark was not attacking a metal cage with neoprene covered people in it. They don't like eating metal or rubber. They do like eating the tuna in the water or attached to the cage. Mr. Shark here went for the tuna and got stuck in the cage. It was an accident. And stupid GMA guy should not be making allusions to the shark attacking the divers. That's ignorant. You are ignorant, GMA News Dude. Sharks need to be protected, not feared or scorned. And that footage is AWESOME. I would LOVE to have been in that cage. Once in a lifetime experience. Live Free Or Die.

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