Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bail us all out please...

As AT&T lays of 12,000 workers, has it not yet become apparent that bailing out US auto companies is a bad idea? Where will this bailout money come from? President-elect Obama promised us affordable health care for all Americans. Let's put the $100 billion towards THAT, so laid off workers from ALL industries can afford to take care of their families. Let's use that money to stimulate smaller businesses and promote growth in that sector. So the Japanese build better cars...we lost, let's start over. Chevy, do you really believe in your Volt? Great! Then stop building your other cars and focus there. Many of you know Eliot Spitzer as the NY Governor who got busted with a high priced prostitute. That aside, he is a very bright man and offers some great insight here:

Hell, I'd rather see the government take those billions and turn them into trust funds for people losing jobs...let the money go towards them feeding their children while they look for new jobs or save it for their college education. The bailouts will never matter who you bailout, others will follow. Yes, the auto industry is huge and thousands of jobs might be lost...but that's capitalism. That's what we forced down Japan's throat after we won the war...we made our bed, now we lie in it. I could care less that the CEOs did or did not use private planes...that's not the point. They have wasted congress' time twice now with no CLEAR plan for how to successfully use their requested bailouts. I say good riddance.

In related news, as someone who dealt with the possibility of losing health care this year, I feel very strongly that our new president MUST honor his pledge to ensure that all Americans can be insured for a reasonable rate:

And have you seen this garbage:

What?! You are going to pay 20% of a premium so that IF you lose insurance, they will give it to you?! Seriously? Seriously?! Obama wants to be transparant and have contact with his supporters online. So drop him an email and thank him for his pledge to reform health care...and then do it again if wheels aren't in motion soon after taking office. We have a Democratic congress, senate, and is the time.

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