Thursday, August 7, 2008

China still cool?

The title is a Simpsons reference. China is not cool and I am disturbed that the Olympics are there. For a number of reasons.

1) the heinous level of pollution...should ANY athletes have to be exposed to that?

2) China has become a massive world power by exploiting and mistreating its own people.

3) China is willing to support world regimes that treat their people even WORSE.

4) China owns most of the US other words, we are indebted to China. This is frightening.

5) they eat dog...not really anymore, but I tried to put something slightly humorous 'cause there is nothing funny about China.

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Joe Moore said...

I would totally agree with you on all those points. But let me throw this into the mix. While the Chinese government has many problems and does a lot of bad things, why should the people have to suffer forever for the debts of their leaders?

Another example is Cuba. I've been and the people are so nice and friendly, they wish that they could openly travel to America, and have Americans to Cuba...but because our governments don't get along...we have to remain apart.

I think the Olympics are a good thing for the Chinese people, it gives them a sense of global pride that maybe they didn't have before. Who knows too, with all these foreigners in the country what that will do to the mindset of the people...revolution perhaps?

Just food for thought.