Thursday, March 13, 2008

Toilets And Hookers...

First of all, THIS is positively insane. You really must read it. I had to double check the URL to make sure I hadn't clicked on The Onion or something.

And secondly, I have to say a thing or two about Eliot Spitzer.

1) The hooker is cute

though the ginormous fake breasts are a bit much

and maybe not really $1000/hr cute

2) The truly sad part, though, is that Eliot Spitzer seemed, for a while, to be one of the only politicians actually interested in affecting important positive change for the people in New York State, and maybe at some point, the whole nation. He fought corruption, special interests, and organized crime. He tried to legalize gay marriage in NY. And, while he hit some roadblocks and made some poor choices in this early part of his governorship, I think he would have ended up making some positive change in the end. Unlike so many politicians (pretty much EVERY presidential candidate from either of the major political parties), Spitzer was willing to stand up and take action. As I talked about after seeing Sicko, we don't stand up to our government enough, and those who do try to enact positive change don't seem to have the balls to follow through. Spitzer did, and would have. But he made a stupid mistake. A stupid, personal mistake. And while I normally would say his personal life has no bearing on his political work, the hypocracy of going after prostitution rings while you patronize one yourself is pretty unacceptable...analogous to Nancy Reagan smoking pot, or radical Christians like GWB ignoring the teachings of Jesus (turn the other cheek?) and attacking other countries (oh, wait...). I mourn the loss of someone I hoped would make a positive change in our ever-declining society. I wish you could have controlled yourself, Mr. Spitzer.



totally agreed on the last little paragraph --especially love the turn the other cheek bit.

as for $1000 an hour cute. WHO IS?

Joe Moore said...

I agree with you completely. It is sad that he had so much potential, yet couldn't control his personal urges. Oh well, these days scandals with politicians isn't something that shocks us anymore. Kinda sad that's the way it is.

Love the blog, keep writing!