Thursday, March 6, 2008

Don't Even Think About It...

I flew Virgin America Airlines in the first month they were in operation. While the seats offered no added comfort over normal airlines, the in-flight entertainment system was quite good and I liked that I could plug my laptop into the plug under my seat. Just driving through town, though, I noticed an ad for Virgin where a woman is BLOW DRYING her hair in her airplane seat. She plugged in her fucking BLOW DRYER and is BLOW DRYING HER HAIR on an airplane. I once had a guy eat Jody Maroni's garlic fries next to me on a plane and the utter inconsideration shown by bringing the smelliest food on earth onto an airplane almost resulted in my cramming his fries right up his fat ass, but I was able to restrain myself since it was a short flight. However, I gotta say, lady, if you pull out your fucking BLOW DRYER on a flight with me, neither a pesky sky marshall nor god himself could save you.

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