Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Things That Should Be Abolished

Discussing politics this morning, I was struck by a friend saying, "nothing about the way we elect presidents is 'fair.'" I have therefore decided we must abolish the following things. If you don't know what they are, I've wiki-linked them...

1) Electoral College - mean back when I voted for Al Gore, I was part of the majority of Americans? More people voted for Gore than Bush? But then why..? Electoral wha?! Well that just doesn't make sense.

2) Superdelegates - Aren't Democrats supposed to want to benefit the common man? Why then do we elevate our elected officials to "super" hero status? Like our friends in the Electoral College, superdelegates wield the power to invalidate our votes. I voted for Dianne Feinstein to represent me in the Senate, but should her vote for a presidential candidate mean more than mine? Unequivocally, no, of course not. "A conservative estimate of the voting power of a superdelegate amounts to one superdelegate vote equaling 153,636 regular votes based on 2004 federal voter turnout. Percentage wise, this means that 0.000007% of the voting population has 19.6% voting power in the 2008 Democratic Primary" (Wikipedia). Not very democratic if you ask me.

3) Religion - No no, I'm not saying it should be abolished PERIOD, just from politics. A president's job is to lead the country, supporting our economy, education, health and well being, foreign relationships, and security. Nowhere in there is religion needed. One could say that a religious person is more "moral," but GWB is VERY religious and has caused more deaths than any athiest I know. Islamic fundamentalists are VERY religious and they send mentally challenged 16 year old girls on suicide bombing runs. Sadly, religion is the least likely thing to be banished from politics. It shouldn't matter. It shouldn't have any bearing on anything. Nothing disturbs me more than to see families in relative poverty voting for a candidate who will DAMAGE their well being solely because of his or her religion.

4) Talking Points - Yeah, this ain't going anywhere either, but I am SOOOO tired of hearing slogans and BS. And this applies to ALL candidates. "Change?" Yes, change. But GWB brought "change." "Yes we can!" Sure you can, anyone country. Why don't candidates just say what they think?! Huckabee was being interviewed by Chris Matthews last night and Matthews cracked a joke to which Huckabee responded that he'd suggested the same joke to "his people" but they hadn't thought he should make it. Well who cares what they say?! I'm not voting for them, I'm voting for YOU! Ugh...just be people. That's why Obama has such a following, cause he seems REAL. He's got plenty of BS too, but at least he seems like a person who might make up his own mind.

5) Wolf Blitzer - I used to watch CNN, but now it seems that Wolf is on 18 hours a day and has become the most ineffectual, humorless man alive. BORING! MSNBC has it's share of blowhards (Pat Buchanan? Disgusting.), but at least they are fun to watch.

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craig said...

I heart Chris Matthews. But, I adore you. Your new rules are way better than anything Bill Maher has come up with!