Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Jewsday

Okay, so the Democratic party let Joe Lieberman down...I understand that. But I am sad to see him endorsing John McCain. I know why he's endorsing McCain though...cause Joe Lieberman is a warmonger...a democratic warmonger. And a stodgy old man. Enough with stodgy old men. But what really bothers me is that Joe Lieberman seems to be the most prominent Jewish politician. Now I could care less about religion in a candidate and I don't practice it myself, but since I have Jewish blood in my veins, I hate to see a face of Jewish politics side with war. Israel itself is contentiously militant we need it here? I vote for Chuck Schumer for new head Jew. Do you Chuck Schumer? Senator from NY. Cool dude. And a better Jew face than Joe Lieberman. Shame on you Joe. Shame.

And let me digress, cause it's my blog and I can do whatever the hell I want, to discuss something we can all learn from Mike Huckabee. Disclaimer, Mike Huckabee frightens the crap out of me because he says shit like, "And that's what we need to do -- to amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards rather than try to change God's standards so it lines up with some contemporary view." Um, no Mike. Separation of church and state, dude. That's why your homie, GWB invaded the Middle East...cause religion-based governments are crazy. So why you trying to do it here? I would rather move to Djibouti than have Huckabee as president. Okay, so that's my disclaimer. The actual point of digression: Mike Huckabe is an appealing human being on TV, on the radio, over communion wafers on Sunday mornings...I jest on the last one, but seriously, the guy talks and seems like a real mensh. Why do no other Republicans seem like menshes? They're either "crazy robots" like Mitt, or the aforementioned "stodgy old men." Huckabee is not the kind of affable that people (not smart people) found in GWB, the "goofy idiot" affable, Huckabee genuinely comes off as a nice, caring guy. When Mitt Romney says mean things about him, he has a puppy dog face that you could just eat up. Point is, politicians should seem nice, normal, friendly, cordial, but firm. And not Jesusy.

Now hold on, dear readers! If I actually thought my commentary would help the Republican party in any way, I wouldn't post it in public, cause despite the fact that I originally registered as a Republican (little known fact that goes with a story for another date and in no way reflects my current political views), I want nothing more than to eliminate the frightening new face of religion and war loving conservatism from the planet. But your candidates HAVE to suck? McCain didn't suck as much in 2000. He was actually almost cool then. But then he cosied up to Jerry Falwell and I lost 98% of my respect for him. And now he's a crazy warhead, so the remaining 2% went away. He's still 71% cooler than Mitt Romney though. But 2 million % less cool than any democrat. Vote Democrat.

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Colin Ryan said...

"Huckabee genuinely comes off as a nice, caring guy."

aha, but so did Reagan.

and Ming.

ok, just Reagan.