Sunday, February 10, 2008

Movie Review: He Was A Quiet Man

I love independent film. I will gladly watch LOTR 20 times, but the core of my film love is rooted in low budget, character driven, yet unsappy films. I particularly enjoy dark humor and flawed characters. And He Was A Quiet Man has all of those things. Christian Slater is really great as Bob Maconel, a modern day anti-hero, the oppressed office guy...he's Milton in Office Space if Milton had brought a gun to work. In Quiet, Slater must cope with becoming an actual "hero," even as his own thwarted, insidious plans lingers in his head. Elisha Cuthbert is also good as the shooting victim he falls into an awkward romance with. A dark film about alienation, growth, pain, and manipulation. Not flawless, but refreshingly character based and enjoyable. Check it out.

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