Thursday, February 7, 2008


I don't really care what Brittany Spears does. I feel bad that she's having so many problems, but she's not a personal friend and I'm not a fan, so it really has no bearing on my life. And yet EVERY DAY I have Brittany stories shoved down my throat. Good Morning America had a lead news story about her today because she was released from the hospital. Just leave her alone! I have a friend who would argue that being famous means she deserves this attention, but I would reply that while, yes, she puts herself out there and certainly has very destructive behavior patterns, WE, productive citizens of the United States, have more important things to worry about. Instead of listening to a mundane story about a crazy celeb or looking at magazines of celebs with no makeup on (what, they're REAL people under there?!), how bout you read a BOOK, they come in all levels, or watch a FILM, feel free to consult my 2007 movie pics, but SHOULD NOT CARE what Brittany Spears does. And people, if you all stop paying attention...she'll go away.

That said, Brittany, if you are reading this, please move back to Texas and buy a nice little house and attempt to rebuild your life and sanity. And find a nice psychologist to talk to, someone you have rapport with...not some TV hack. Best of luck.


Colin Ryan said...

"I don't really care what Brittany Spears does."

Or, how she spells her name.


TheGreenMan said...

my point is made!

Colin Ryan said...

ok, time for my more serious comment.
Don't fool yourself that Britney and all the other forms of trashy info-tainment is accidental. News services are for-profit, and it's easier to sell corn chips in between drugged out celebs than between roadside bombs and rampant economic inequality.

Britney, Jessica, et al. are the circuses of today's panem et circenses. they keep us distracted while the same people who own the 6 companies that run the country rob us blind.

Arianna said...

I think the whole Britney debacle is indicative of a couple of things. First of all, it's an extraordinarily (and depressingly) clear example of what most members of the public find important and interesting. For the most part, people are shallow and average; some nasty part of human nature means they love to see those celebrities who have been pumped up as above average crash and burn.

Now. Is the news about Britney because we want it to be, or do we want it to be because that's what we're being given? I don't know the answer to that - it's probably some kind of vicious cycle - but there's no denying that news about celebrity "exploits" sells. There was a piece on NPR (and a follow-up I saw somewhere online) about the money that Britney Spears generates; literally hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on things that have to do with her. Britney: good for the economy.

All that being said, though - I feel really sorry for her, and I have for a long time. Britney didn't exactly put herself in the public eye - her parents put her there as a little kid. She never had any kind of real childhood, and I think she reached adulthood with absolutely no sense of how to fend for herself or deal with adversity. This situation isn't her fault, and to suggest that she put herself out there and therefore should have been aware of the consequences is like blaming a mouse on a train track - I don't think she could see what was bearing down on her.