Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Choosing A First Daughter...

It's Wednesday, so let's be petty and sexist, k?

It was just brought to my attention that John McCain has a daughter named Meghan. I thought I'd share some photos and thoughts:

Here she looks like an American Gladiator. It's kinda hot and sinister...reminds me of my childhood crush on the Wicked Queen in Snow White. She could kick the crap out of Chelsea.

Daddy's little club girl. With her makeup skills, she could make JM look nice on TV!

She went to Columbia...Ivy League. Stanford is great, Chelsea, but not Ivy League...and Art History vs regular boring History? Point for Meghan. Maybe she can redecorate the White House a little.

Meghan also worked for SNL. Very cool! This is a pic from that era...maybe the craft services at SNL was really good...or she could just have a giant head that she hadn't yet learned how to style properly, but nonetheless, look at how she's grown from this...that, my friends, is fortitude.

In summary, while I wholeheartedly, 110%, in no way shape or form want John McCain anywhere NEAR the presidency of this country. I would like to vote for Meghan McCain for first daughter.


Arianna said...

She's hot, I guess, but in a totally generic way. I feel like I've seen a hundred of this girl out and about on a Friday night - flat-ironed hair, some variation of black shirt, big gold earrings. Boooo-riiiiing!

Hannah said...

so this is what you do while you are getting paid to educate the youth of america? SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET