Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cult Hits Close To Home

There is a cult quite prevalent here in LA. I'll call them the Scientificats, lest I provoke the ire of their organization by using their real name. The Scientificats like to recruit members by offering "free stress tests" to random pedestrians on the street. Typically, it seems to me, these recruiters are overweight, middle aged men, this prompting my assumption that crazy cult members = fat, old guys. However, the other day I was walking down Hollywood Blvd, when an attractive young blonde woman invited me in to see a "special exhibit." Now, of course, I didn't go in, I simply said, "uh, no" and walked away, but I was profoundly disturbed to learn that all cultists are NOT fat, middle aged men...or whacky celebs. So be careful, friends, you never know who could be afflicted with the horrible disease known as cultism.

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